Why not the SkyChefs?

Okay, all you old-school Syracusers can relax. They're changing it back to the Chiefs. And even better... there's a train!

Although at first glance you think, "Who really cares?", I'm not sure how I'd react if I were faced with the Pawtucket Dyed Textiles. With, like, Samuel Slater making Popeye fists and gritting his teeth on the uniform.

They opened a new restaurant here in CF called "The Townhouse". I ate there recently. The burrito was not that great but they have potato taquitos that are celestial. I could have eaten a dozen. I loved their half American/half Mexican thing. I checked out their breakfast menu and I'm definitely gonna have to git me sum. Maybe Saturday before I go to McCoy to harass the pitching staff.

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Baseball Diva said...

I'm happy about the return of the team name Chiefs. Nobody but the front office has ever called the team the SkyChiefs. And railroads are much more closely linked to Syracuse than planes.

And I won't have to write it Sky(gak)Chiefs any more.