you don't know how to ease my pain

The Oakland A's have signed LHP Alan Embree who enjoys crossword puzzles and likes it when it's messy. He also lives in The Dalles, Oregon, which was once the subject of A&E's "City Confidential" program.

I didn't like Embree at first but then I did. And then I REALLY did. Remember when he was on the Yankees? What the hell was that? And Mark Bellhorn was also on the Yankees? That was weird.

Freddy Garcia is now a Phillie. I hope he gets hurt so I can see him on their AAA team. I heard a rumor that Trot Nixon was going to the Phillies. I hope all the people to whom I said, "I have a feeling Trot will end up on the Phillies" remember that I said that. Because that was about two months ago.

Bengie Molina was picked up by the San Francisco Giants. Ted Lilly to Chicago Cubs. I will miss you guys!

Congratulations, CariDee!

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