Yeah, yeah, yeah.

Do you remember that Marlins game in 2003 where Florida went through 3 pitchers in the top of the first inning and the Red Sox scored about 10 runs? Johnny Damon alomst batted for the cycle in ONE inning? And then later in the game, Todd Walker lined a ball into the pitcher's dome and he dropped like a sack of taters? And Jack McKeon was all bitter about the whole thing?

YES. That was one of Gabe Kapler's earliest games with Boston. I did not attend that game. I went to the game after that with my sister. I think we may have had the worst unobstructed seats in Fenway. Oh, lord, it was hot that day. Kapler's game was tight in the segundo, I remember. Yay, kid.

Gabe Kapler retired. People really loved Gabe K for some reason. I mean, the ladies loved him because he was dreamy. But all around people thought he was a super guy. So what exactly did he contribute? He was a friggin BENCH GUY. And I'm the first one to have mad love for those... types. Do you remember a single thing he did in the post-season? No? He did pinch run for Trot Nixon a time or two, so there's that.

So long, Kap. Now you'll have more time to spend working on your gritty, urban B&W photography.

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