Say hello to Jimenez D'Angelo for me.

A couple of years ago the Triple-A All-Star game took place here (or "here") in Pawtucket. They had a nice ceremonial sign out front, listing all the participating players. Oh, the honor!

One of the guys on the list was Ottawa Lynx catcher Gil Geronimo. Oh, oops. I mean Geronimo Gil. Except, yeah, he was listed as Gil Geronimo. Someone had helpfully Sharpied in a comma, but I doubt it fooled anyone.

Poor GG. Just got signed by Colorado to a minor league contract, so he'll be hanging out in AAA Colorado Springs. Didn't he play for Mexico in the WBC? Maybe I'll write him a nice letter.

LaTroy Hawkins also got picked up by the Rockies.

In other news, supertalented and superhandsome Dave Roberts is now a San Francisco Giant. I know you're thinking, dude, that sucks for him. And maybe it does. But I checked out San Francisco's Double-A team a few times last year and let me tell you something... the pizza's not bad there!

PS Gil Geronimo... good name!


Jere said...

I just finished writing a post which mentions minor league baseball and a Sharpie and then came over here to see you'd done the same.

Jere said...

It's funny that that's a live picture of that highway. I'm really gonna get to know it. When you go to Texas, you should go to that spot and wave to us.

Jenks said...

I didn't know it was live... I shouldn't be amazed by that, but I am.