They're so ugly at that age.

I'm old. And stodgy. I admit it. I hate those little groups of annoying devil children that hang out at the library and laugh too much, or play with their cell phones at the ballpark.

One of the last things to develop in adolescents is the concept and action of song hatred. As in hating a song so much it causes a physical reaction. The recognition of execrable radio songs and no-talent vocalists. One of my earliest recollections of music actually making me angry was hearing "Supersonic" by JJ Fad played over and over at a teen drinking party. I was 16.

"Fergielicious" is the exact same song. You whippersnappers don't realize it, but it's true. Like your sophomore US History teacher said, compare and contrast.

Thanks for refreshing my pain, asshole. Seriously... the Black-Eyed Peas? Is this what passes for innovation?

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