Not boxers.

I had a chance to meet... someone... on Saturday. And it was very exciting. Guess!

I have to pick my sister up at the airport now. In Boston. I've dropped/collected more people at Logan lately than ever in my life. Perhaps they think, hey, it's not baseball season, Jen's probably not doing anything!

I have opening day tickets! That's Opening Day at Pawtucket, as if that matters. Because it's going to be way more fun than Fenway.

Off I go.


Jere said...

I tried to come up with something relating to the pic, and I finally came up with Stevie Nicks...before I realized that PawSox party was Saturday. So I'll say, the kid from Trumbull? Bresl-something or other? ha.

Jere said...

Juicy those pawSox game-worn jerseys they're selling? 300 each for a Mueller and a Nixon. And 175 for Bauscher and some other dudes. Like Malaska. If I worked there and someone called up and asked if they were selling a Malaska jersey, I'd be all, "No Malaska," because it would sound like "Nome, Alaska." After that I'd tell the person there actually is a Malaska jersey and I only said no as part of a joke. Then I'd tell them that there was indeed a Malaska, and that it cost 1,000 dollars. At this point I'd hope the callers would recognize my jocular nature and say "Come on, Steve (I'd start the call by saying, 'Pawtucket Red Sox, Steve speaking, how may I help you?'), what's the REAL price?" What is this mystery hotline?

Jere said...

But back to the guess. Okay, you wrote a few little things, thinking of them as "briefs." So you searched "briefs" in photobucket and the fourth photo was that of a band called The Briefs. You used this pic, and then, instead of calling the post "Briefs," you went with a cultural synonym of "briefs." So the guessing didn't involve that, just the fact that you went to the PawSox party, along with your fake daughter or whatever.

Kim said...

Reduced, it looks like a band of Andy Warhols. Not to be confused with the Dandy Warhols.

Anonymous said...

Good call. Hey I glow 36 cc, you should comment here more often. It's fun.