I had lunch on Federal Hill yesterday and if you've never been there, you must. You can eat your way down the street, cramming your fat face with cheeses and pastries and pizzas and pastas and anything you can think of. It's teeming with bomb-ass restaurants and pigeons and careless driving and chaotic parking.

I noticed this tiny Euro-hotel right in DePasquale Square... is that something new? I had pizza at Gepetto's and then waddled into the bakery and bought a few things. Bakeries are like kryptonite. Especially Italian bakeries. Scialo Brothers had these insane chocolate log cakes which looked like chopped wood down to the tree-like whorls and grains.

The other day there was a substantial mob bust here in RI. I was under the impression that the mafia in Rhode Island barely existed any more, so this took me by surprise. I saw some of the old guys on Federal Hill yesterday, strolling the sidewalks and socializing. It's almost quaint.

The Seattle Mariners said goodbye to avid Playstation jockey Joel Piniero. I don't know. He's a free agent now and I'm going to make him an offer for my imaginary baseball team. The M's then signed noted bilingual poet Miguel Batista. Or maybe they signed, then released. Who can say?

Marcus Giles a free agent! Wow, what's next, a talking banana?

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Kim said...

I do love Federal Hill. Underrated area in Prov, for sure.