Just read an article over at The Consumerist about how Bank of America requires a THUMBPRINT from non-customers wanting to cash a check. Are you kidding me?

Bank of America is bullshit. I have heard so many stories of their ridiculous charges and fees that I cannot understand why anyone would bank with them. A lot of people say, "I have no problem giving my thumbprint. I have nothing to hide." And that's not that point. Is Bank of America going to do anything weird with your thumbprint? Probably not. Again, not the point.

I am sort of anal about that stuff. I don't go to stores that have membership cards or clubs that require your personal information to get sale prices. Just give everyone the discount! Why do you need to swipe a card that has MY name, address, and phone number on it?

My fingerprints are currently not on file anywhere. I got arrested a few years ago and I was not fingerprinted. Yay! I think I'll start a forest fire!

I hold my credit union very dearly. They do everything right as far as I'm concerned.

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Anonymous said...

What did you do to get arrested?

Chan's a BoA guy. I'll ask him about the thumbprint. They send a lot of volunteers to my organization, which seems contrived. Like, they're trying to get credit for it, or they are mandated to do it or something. In fact, I had an employee of theirs come in, and I was like, Oh right, they do send us some vols... And he was like, Yeah, but I'm doing this on my own. I don't want them piggybacking on me and getting "credit" for me doing something I want to do anyway. And I was like, You are awesome, dude.

Citibank rulz!!! Oh, wait, they're all the same damn thing.