'Crossworld' by Marc Romano (non-fiction)

Is what I'm reading right now. I got it from the library because, hey, free books! It essentially takes place at the crossword tournament in Stamford, Connecticut and you thought you were bad. It sort of shot down my hopes of competitive crosswording after checking out some of the contenders' completion times. And here I thought I was all that.

A guy at work today was going for a coffee run and I asked him to pick up a paper for me. Well, come to find out, the paper was missing great chunks of news and worst of all, the phat crossword. It is five dollars for a Sunday paper so I went back to the gas station to get the missing contents. Although there were no more newspapers left, the attendant gave me his crossword section and everybody was happy. I think.

I have not yet seen the Bill Clinton crossword puzzle movie.

Being good at crossword puzzles does not make you some kind of genius. It might just mean you're good at doing crossword puzzles. Everyone starts off with the g.d. TV Guide crossword... if you do enough of 'em, you improve. You nail down words like adit and tare and aerie and eely and arete. EEE, SST, DNA, ET AL.

I am aware that Mike Mussina is also in the crossword puzzle movie. I refuse to believe that he is smarter than I am.

Carlos Lee signed a six year contract with the Astros. They also signed Woodrow W. for two plus option.

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