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Before I went to Iowa, I sort of pictured it as a corn-crammed farmatopia with more cows than people. Boy, was I wrong!

No, wait, I was right. I meant to say... "Boy, was I right!"

Van Meter's a great example of this. I drove by that damn Feller Exhibit and was headed off into John Deere territory before I realized I was unincorporated. I turned around and breached the city limits once more and found it. It looked like a post office.

As I expected, I was the only person there. The museum attendant greeted me with, "Can I help you?" Like I was a delivery woman.

The museum's nice as pie. Small. Their pride and joy seems to be this baseball bat that Babe Ruth leaned on right before he died. He was making an appearance at a ballpark and needed a bat to lean on while he stood (he was ailing). So he used Feller's. He autographed it and some guy had it but BF bought it back for some ridiculous six figures.

I bought a few things for myself and for Bob OCD back home. One of the best is a VHS copy of "Greatest Sports Legends" featuring Bob Feller being interviewed in 1978 by ... another baseball player. Crap, I forgot already who it was. But it is awesome. They're on some So-Cal golf course. I'll watch it and get back to you.

Here's the thing - I want to put my pictures up but I'm having a hard time finding a photo processing facility that isn't fat stupid Kodak. I have a problem with Kodak. So here's one from the website.

Also, happy 88th birthday, Bob Feller.

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