sometimes Eckersley wants to live to 700, other times he wants to...

"Broadcasting is kind of interesting. But everybody broadcasts. I had a chance to go with ESPN. Say you work for ESPN - not that they were dying to hire me, but think about that life: to do a Wednesday night game, you gotta go travel on Tuesday, then come back Thursday. First off, I got kids. So that's what I'm going to do? A ball game on a Wednesday night? Boy, isn't this great! Who gives a shit? There's more to life. I'm going to go on Baseball Tonight and pay attention to who's the twenty-fifth player on the fucking Colorado Rockies? It's like, am I going to get on with my life or what? The second I think I might get involved in the game again, it's "Stop! Right there. Catch yourself." It's just putting off your life. I don't want to be around the guys anymore. I fucking give."

-- GQ, August 2004

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