Frank Black's Teenager Of The Year (1994)

1. Whatever Happened To Pong?
2. Thalassocracy
3. (I Want to Live on an) Abstract Plain
4. Calistan
5. The Vanishing Spies
6. Speedy Marie
7. Headache
8. Sir Rockaby
9. Freedom Rock
10. Two Reelers
11. Fiddle Riddle
12. Ole Mulholland
13. Fazer Eyes
14. I Could Stay Here Forever
15. The Hostess with the Mostest
16. Superabound
17. Big Red
18. Space is Gonna do me Good
19. White Noise Maker
20. Pure Denizens of the Citizen Band
21. Bad, Wicked World
22. Pie in the Sky

This could easily have been a double album, but I s'pose it came up just shy. I'm not crazy about 'Fazer Eyes', 'Fiddle Riddle', and 'Bad, Wicked, World', but that's all offset by songs like 'Superabound', 'Freedom Rock', 'Headache', 'White Noise Maker', et.al.

"The concrete of the aqueducts will last as long as the pyramids of Egypt or the Parthenon of Athens....long after Joe Harriman is elected mayor of Los Angeles."

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Jere said...

I had the self-title one, from the year before. For some reason, I never got into this one, I think because I was still listening to the previous one. Did I even take the shrink wrap off this one? Maybe I should give it another try. Terrible job by me. I LOSE!