Wade... Wade... I never had the chance to love you.

In 2005 I watched Wade Miller rehab in Pawtucket before he debuted in Boston and I was all, "Yeah! Wade Miller!"

Ha, ha, ha.

Wade Miller's going back to the Cubs, in case you were wondering how he was doing. You should call him, I'm sure he'd be glad to hear from you.

Also, since it is no longer the mid-90's, the Arizona Diamondbacks ditched the teal and purple. Consider this: in 30 years this will be the novelty throwback jersey.

And let's get one thing straight, bub:

"Our official team name is the Arizona Diamondbacks. The use of the name "D-backs" is also acceptable in many situations, and the team encourages its use. In most cases, please do not refer to the team as Arizona. Names and abbreviations that ARE NOT to be used include D'backs, AZ D-backs, D-backs, AZ Diamondbacks, Diamondback's, Snakes."

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Jere said...

I remember being on tour in Wisconsin in 2001, and Wait came on the radio. And I proclaimed, because of it, that that moment was the greatest of my life aside from the birth of my child.*

*Birth of child event may not have actually happened.