She watch channel zero

I was watching Cops last night, and as usual I was surprised at how overzealous the cops get.

I saw one guy get pulled over for bicycling at night with no headlights. Is this a law? Headlights on a bicycle? The same guy, while he was being searched, started shouting, "Please don't rob me, officer!" as the cop was going through his pockets. Ha.

Then a couple was smoking crack in a parked pickup truck. The cop flings the driver's side door wide open and POINTS AN ENORMOUS HANDGUN at the crackheads. "PUT YOUR HANDS UP!!!" I'm surprised neither of them had a stroke. I mean, they're smoking crack. My defense of these people of course means I'm pro-crack.

I also watched Red Sox This Week with Dan Roche. Trot Nixon and his wife won some kind of Outstanding Acheivement in the Field of Excellence award. Nixon was wearing a suit but his head looked like it'd just appeared from under a filthy, tarry ballcap. It was kind of funny. Funny and sad.

I like The Amazing Race, too.

I spend a lot of time at work trying to engage my co-workers in baseball conversation. Recently, we were talking about our favorite all-time baseball players. Nolan Ryan and such.

My favorite all-time? Pedro Martinez. What a great choice.


Jere said...

I walked by a group of teenage girls in a Halloween store shortly before H. One said, "Wouldn't it be great if I was Flavor Flav, and you guys could all be..."

At this point, I thought, Wow, that's cool and surprising. The friends would surely be Chuck, X, Souljah, and the S1Ws....

She continued: "the girls..."

Something like that. It took me a second but I realized she was talking about the Flavor Flav reality show or whatever.

Stupid shitty teenagers and their lives and stuff. Shitty shit shit. Terrible job.

Jenks said...

I dressed as Flava Flav a long time ago. 91 or 92?

Yeah, they're so ugly at that age. Teenagers, I mean.