they're tearing all the factories down

Scranton Wilkes-Barre Red Barons are now the AAA team of the Yankees. There's a new park in Allentown, PA which will be their new home soon. The Columbus Clippers are now the Nationals' babies.

Timlin and Wakefield signed for one year. Bo-RING!

There was this contest in which you could either win a) a night on the town with Johnny Damon or b) a round of golf with Wake.

At first I thought, wow, easy, I'd take the night on the town. But then I thought, hey, this would entail spending hours with JD. So the golf, right? No. Because I've never played and Tim W. would probably want to strangle me as I flailed around with clubs and wedges. It'd be awkward for everybody!

Which one would you have selected and why? Two years later I still don't know.

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