take my heart, my soul, my money... but don't leave me drowning in my tears

LA Dodgers sign C Ken Huckaby to minor league contract.

Ken Huckaby WINS! by successfully rooking Los Angeles.

I totally hated Ken Huckaby in Pawtucket in 2006. You can find many examples of my ragging on him in the April-September 2006 archives. Yes, I know he took out Derek Jeter when he was on the Blue Jays. He vacuumed up all of that credit by striking himself out into DEEP DEBT.

I didn't know there was such a premium on creaky, non-hitting backup catchers who are pushing 40 but are good at handling young pitchers.

And in the immortal words of Gizmo... "Bye, Billy."

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Jere said...

Doesn't that mean love to you? Doesn't that mean anything? WTF?