if/then statements

Some guy at the coffee place was asking me about my Mark Loretta pin (shown) and about D. Matsuzaka. As a hockey fan, he was appalled by the millions of dollars Boston's throwing around and by baseball salaries in general. Yes.

And, yes. It's all very silly. Everything they say about baseball is true. It's slow, it's a kids' game, it's not as exciting as football, the players are disgusting, drug-addled slobs who drink and whore around and use steroids and have big heads with small brains. Divas, all of 'em. It ain't what it used to be.

Baseball ruined my life. I went from casual interest to full-blown consumption in 2002 and I haven't been the same since. I've spent way too much time and money on the Boston Red Sox. I talk about it endlessly. I spend solitary evenings at weird minor league parks with more gear than anyone ever needs at a ballgame.

I get really weird and antsy this time of year.

Isn't that Mark Loretta pin farking BRILLIANT?! I got it at Petco for $5. I should have bought a backup.

Whoops.. this post was originally supposed to be about hockey as a possible developing second sport. If I HAD to have a second interest... hockey.

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