another winter's coming on

This past summer, there were 20 no-hitters thrown in the affiliated minor leagues. (Independent leagues don't count, stupid.)

On June 9th, three arms on the Portland Beavers combined for a perfect game. One of those dudes was... Cla Meredith! Ryan Meaux started the game, Aquilino Lopez jumped in right after, then Meredith nailed down the seventh. Wait a minute... a seven inning game? I hardly see how that counts. That is absolutely not the same thing. I don't care how hard it was raining.

Said O.C. Meredith: "I didn't have a clue. I was shocked as hell. I was just trying to get some outs and go on back to the hotel."

So it was a great summer for no-hitters and I still have not ever attended one. If I were a Yankee fan, I would be enraged and feel ripped off. But I'm not, so I understand that no matter how many games I attend, I may never get to see a no-hitter. I'm gracious like that.

I did come close with Chris Young in San Diego. It was the third most exciting game I've ever been to! Damn it, two outs left in the ninth! Then stupid Joe Randa. I hate vest-style baseball uniforms.

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