6.2.11 Pawtucket Red Sox v Norfolk Tides

Pawtucket all day, 8-0. New York Times magazine, Gary.

Kyle Weiland pitched six innings and struck out eight, getting the win for the Red Sox.

Norfolk starter Mitch Atkins pitched three innings, got a couple of outs in the fourth, but was replaced by Chris George after Darnell McDonald hit an RBI single.

Pawtucket scored half of their four runs in the third inning, most notable by way of Brent Dlugach's two-run double.

Pawtucket dug up Randy Williams to pitch an inning. Tony Pena and Michael Bowden pitched an inning apiece, maintaining the shut out for the Red Sox.

two things:
1. Tony Thomas and Daniel Nava each hit a home run.
2. Darnell McDonald went 2-3 with two RBI.
3. For Norfolk, Matt Angle went 2-5.
4. Is Kyle Weiland the next Justin Masterson? He'd better shave his head!
5. Please enjoy this five sentence game summary written by a computer.
6. Lars Anderson did not get a hit, but he did walk. Anderson's leading the International League in walks. 'Over the Monster' feels that he should be more aggressive and that he is perhaps fizzling. If it were me, and my boss told me to work on my plate discipline, I might say, "Fine, fuck you! I won't swing at ANYTHING any more! Ah ha ha haaah haha!!! HOW YOU LIKE ME NOW??" I don't always take criticism well.

Damn, there's some Kyle Weiland buzz this morning.

Tonight! Andrew Miller v Durham Bulls right Jay Buente. I hope Darnell McDonald hits a home run.

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