6.26.11 Indianapolis yanks on the spine of god.

7-5 Indians. I don't remember Sean Gallagher being scheduled to pitch. My bad. I have not heard of Sean Gallagher, but evidently he is one of those horrible Boston people.

Felix Doubront, still in our hearts and making his way back, pitched six innings! 90 pitches! 60 for strikes! It was probably Doubront's worst outing this season, though, as he gave up six runs, including a home run by left fielder John Bowker.

Indianapolis countered not with Justin Wilson, but with the aforementioned Gallagher. Gallagher, a righty, pitched his way into the fourth inning, got a couple of outs, then walked Hector Luna and Lavarnway. Travelin' Man Steven Jackson took over and got the last out.

Pawtucket did not score until the sixth inning. They were down 6-0 up until that point, but Lavarnway hit an RBI single off Jackson. A two-run single by Lars Anderson brought the score to 6-3 in the seventh inning.

Hey, look, Bowden's back! BOWDIE!!! Bowden took over in the seventh inning and showed signs of rust? I don't know, did he get much work with Boston? Like I said before, when players get called up they may as well be in another dimension for me. Bowden didn't throw too good, is what I'm saying. First baseman Matt Hague (No one good is named 'Matt' in the IL) doubled with one out. Josh Harrison, the third base operator, followed it up with a single. And then the other Josh, Josh Reddick? No, I think it was Josh Hamilton. Whatever, Josh doubled and a run scored.

Batting next: Right fielder Miles Durham, not sure where he came from. Durham reached on a fielder's choice. Bowden threw Harrison out at home. Nice job, Bowden. Bowden followed up his nice play by hitting Kris Watts with a pitch... Okay, wait just a minute, Indianapolis. Neither Watts nor Durham have been in the lineup until today.

Wait! Wait! It was a day game! Okay, makes sense. Kris Watts was subbing in for Wyatt Toregas, who left the game in the second inning. My point is this: Bowden got Hernandez out to end the inning. That would be Captain Dwayne Hernandez to you.

RBIs by Iglesias and Lin gave Pawtucket another couple of runs, but if you noticed up top the final score was 7-5. I'm sure those runs look good on a resume, which is what most of these guys are playing for. RESUME BUILDING RBIS!!!!

Steven Jackson gets the win. This automatically made him better looking, but it didn't do much for his post-game stank.

folks said he was a mean and vicious man:
1. Apparent leg injury for Wyatt Toregas. I read it here. And again with the 'Pawtuckett'.
2. Hey, good story Scott McCauley! Explains a little about the Kris Watts thing.
3. Ryan Lavarnway is wrecking it. There are few things more exciting than a fresh little Portland call-up continuing to excel at the next level. No adjustment period, just BAT all day. Like Kalish did.
4. More on Pittsburgh catching with the always terrific Jenifer Langosch.
5. Iglesias went 3-4 with a double.

"THE RED SOX ARE SUPPOSED TO BEAT TEAMS LIKE PITTSBURGH!!!1!" - Please try to be a little less stupid, fans. Pittsburgh's much improved this year. I saw all their cool kidz with Indianapolis. It happens.

Tonight! More future Pirates. Brandon Duckworth and Justin Wilson, for real this time. Unless something catastrophic happens.

I love you.

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