6.6.11 Red Sox @ Bulls - A Win Again Or

Hey, how about it? Pawtucket drops bricks and wins 11-3, taking 3-4 from the formidable Durham Bulls. Sweetheart Bulls starter Edgar Gonzalez gave up seven runs on ten hits (five doubles, my friend) through five innings and got the win. Shh, just tell him he got the win...

Kevin... Kev Millwood did not have a great outing the first time he pitched for Pawtucket, but I'd he say he came out smelling like a rose this time. Millwood worked himself into the seventh inning with Luis Exposito at his back. Literally. Kevin Millwood pitched backward.

Not really, but it gets me wondering about veteran pitchers and baby catchers... I'm sure Millwood's unfamiliar with the IL so Exposito's gotta put his work in. And now I'm wondering what is the all-time age difference between a pitcher and a catcher. Historically. Like when Kelly Shoppach caught David Wells? Can someone look this up, please?

Kevin Millwood only gave up one run and he didn't walk anybody. I know he's trying to work his way up to Boston, but some people appreciate his performance purely as a lever toward a win. Doesn't everyone want to see their home team win? It's just that simple sometimes.

But enough about Kevin M. Wanna talk about Marco Scutaro? I'd rather not, but I will say he went 3-4 with a double. And he kicked the entire game off with a single. Second pitch, line drive to center.

And after that? Reddick walked. Darnell McDonald and Lars Anderson hit back-to-back doubles. 3-0 Pawtucket.

The Red Sox stapled a couple more runs onto their total in the second, which featured doubles by Scutaro and McDonald.

That's it for today. I have lots to do so I have to cut it short.

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