6.8.11 NORFOLK TIDES!!!!! ORIOLES!!!!!!


Tides win 3-0. Brad Bergeson pitched a complete game shut-out. Andrew Miller tried, bless his heart.

Anyway, after traveling to Toledo I have realized that everyone was right and I was wrong: It IS pronounced 'Louis' Exposito. Who am I to tell Exposito that he pronounces his own name wrong?

I'll tell you who I am! I am JEN FUCKING S OF CENTRAL FALLS RHODE ISLAND AND NO WAY AM I GOING TO BE OUTSMARTED BY A CATCHER!! What kind of stupid shit is that? Should I say my name is pronounced 'Jean'? No, because I have some respect for the rules and guidelines of common pronunciation!

It's like 'Chili' and those crazy Rochester kidz. JONATHAN VAN EVERY KNEW HOW TO PRONOUNCE 'PAWTUCKET' AND THEO EPSTEIN STILL CAN'T GET IT RIGHT! Also, I love how Epstein's all buff now. All the better to jam with Buffalo Tom or whatever. Baseball GM's should be pasty and out of shape because they're busy working on your favorite team, not enjoying local nightlife and hitting the gym. I know my rules!

Brent Dlugach hit a double, which is noteworthy if you're his mom.

Matt Angle continues to to prick the Red Sox with hits and sly outfield catches. Just admit you want to have sex with him, already. I don't even know what he looks like so I hope I can find a sexxxy picture to adorn this post.

Would you like me to talk some more about my trip to Norfolk? I could go all day. You should have seen my sunburn.

Meantime, I'll come around later on. So much for my day at Hampton Beach.

(Stimulating Matt Angle photo from Monoblogue.us)

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