6.15.10 Louisville Still

2-0 Red Sox. You are not going to believe this but Michael Bowden pitched 7 2/3 innings and got the shutout.

What you are more likely to believe is Manuel being Manuel. RM finished the game off and kept the Bats down. Manuel's only baserunner was catcher Wilkin Castillo, who singled in the eighth.

Lefty thugg Travis Wood got the loss for Louisville, even though he had ten damn strikeouts. Wood is a real redneck and you can hang those two Pawtucket runs on him, even though only one was earned. In the third inning, Wood loaded the bases with no one out after giving up two singles and a walk. Niuman Romero then grounded out to the pitcher, who threw Molina out at home. And yet Jorge Jimenez scored, thanks to Wilkin Castillo's throwing error. Looks like Castillo threw over to first to attempt to double off Romero. Uh, oops.

The seond run scored when Tug Hulett sac flied. It was pretty boring. Wait a minute... Hulett? Where'd he come from? I didn't even notice he hadn't played in a bit.

Good job, Michael Bowden. You proved me wrong. I'm sure you called up your moms and told her how you FACED me.

1. Wait... the Louisville error in the third was catcher Wilkin Castillo hitting Niuman Romero in the back as he chugged up the first base line. HA! How the hell do you do that? BUSH.
2. Tug Hulett struck out three times. Aaron Bates struck out twice and is evidently in a slump. He is 6 for 33 in his last ten games with a .182 BA. I know all of this off the top of my head.
3. Bowden did not walk anyone. And he always walks people.
4. Without love, where would you be now? This article talks about F. Doubront and confirms my suspicion that they call him "Doubie". It's killing me to link to it, but you should probably check it out. Damn it.
5. Bill Bray pitched when Wood was done. Bray suppressed the Red Sox bats and everyone's thrilled about it.
6. Please read and enjoy this RedLegs Baseball Blog scouting report on the remarkable Travis Wood. It's very good, even though I fucking hate the white on black thing. It wrecks my eyes.

Tonight! Wait... no tonight? WHAT. That's okay, I'm going to subject you to a slideshow of my trip to Louisville tomorrow. Figuratively speaking. Aroldis Chapman figures prominently.

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