PAW v IND - Deflation.

PawSox finally win, 1-0 in six innings. It rained, okay?

Ramon A. Ramirez started for Pawtucket and it was way more exciting than Nancy Kerrigan's grand slam in Boston. This is because Ramirez found it in his heart to get eight strikeouts in five innings and only gave up one hit. I don't believe it. Ramon Ramirez! Where the hell did that come from? He's been faking us out the whole time!

Aroldis Chapman did not fare quite as well. But that's not to say he sucked... Chapman struck out Niuman Romero and Lars Anderson. And Aaron Bates. And Bubba Bell and Gil Velazquez. And then Lars Anderson again. And then Aaron Bates. Again. Gil Velazquez struck out a second time. And then Angel Sanchez K'd. Nine strikeouts all told for Chapman.

So that was good.

Jorge Jimenez did NOT strike out last night and he got the sole Red Sox RBI. So go throw some confetti at him.

I'm taking the rest of the day off.

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