Vinnie Chulk is still alive?

4-2 Indians behind Daniel McCutchen's seven one-run innings. And with seven strikeouts! Michael Bowden cannot even hang with that. Kevin Melillo continues his baffling assault on Red Sox pitchers as well, going 2-5 with a double and a home run.

Bowden started for Pawtucket, but it was another typical boring start. Did not make it through five innings, gave up six hits including a home run, walked a couple... zzzzz.

Pawtucket's only run off McCutchen went down in the fourth inning. Angel Sanchez led things off with a sharp single to center. Daniel Nava followed that with a double, moving Sanchez over to third, where he presumably made small talk with Torey Lovullo.

Lars Anderson subsequently walked to load the bases. And then Ryan Kalish's wimpy little groundout managed to score Sanchez. Tug Hulett came after that, but was once again... not clutch. Hulett was called out on strikes, leaving Nava and Anderson on base. TUG.

The Pawtucket kidz were otherwise pretty quiet until the ninth, when with one out, Dusty Brown and Ryan Kalish hit back-to-back singles. Indianapolis reliever Justin Thomas then hit Tug Hulett with a pitch to load the bases. Uh-oh, Justin Thomas!

Next batter, Jorge Jimenez, hit a sacrifice fly to center, scoring Dusty Brown. Who's up next? Bubba Bell? No, Aaron Bates is coming in to pinch hit! The Indians bring in Wil Ledezma... and Bates pops out. Game OVAH.

And you know, this game could have been tied, but the Fabio Castro/Chad Paronto combo in the eighth inning allowed Indianapolis to score twice. So I suppose you could blame them. I'd prefer to blame Bowden, whose record dropped to 1-3 after last night's game. I KNOW everyone hates that stat, but Bowden has started 12 games. That's eight no-decisions!

And with another complicated mathematical formula I call the "Gazinta", I calculated Bowden's average innings pitched per start. It is... 4.83! For crying out loud. AM I missing something? I am missing something. Someone go here and start a thread called "Michael Bowden" because I need help figuring it out.

whatever happened to gravity?
1. Lars Anderson struck out three times.
2. Both Tug Hulett and Niuman Romero were caught stealing.
3. Former PawSox legend Brandon Moss doubled twice. That guy was a doubles machine back in the McCoy days. And that is how he stole your heart.

That's all. TONIGHT! Randor Bierd continues... oops, I almost said 'Road to Recovery'! God, may I never stoop to such triteness. Next thing you know I'll be saying stuff like 'Down By Way of the K' and 'Back-to-back Jacks'.


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