6.2.10 Charlotte Knights Get No Extra Base Hits

Felix Doubront WINS! 1-0. Doubront is as exciting as Boof Bonser after all!

Doubront faced 21 batters in 5 2/3 innings and nine of them grounded out. Useful information?

Dustin Richardson continued to provide Sustained Excellence in the Field of Relievering, working for an inning and a third and not giving up a hit or a walk. Ramirez, Castro, and Manuel all chipped in for the win. And not a hit or walk among them. Robert Manuel has been consistent and reliable. I love him in late innings.

Ryan Kalish got his first Pawtucket hit. A double! And Jorge Jimenez batted him in for the sole Red Sox run. So that's good news for Ryan Kalish and all his friends and lovers.

Charlotte starter Matt Zaleski got the loss crammed up his ass. His record is now 4-3.

funny, he never mentioned you:
1. Of course the real story is the Perfect Game horror show. During the seventh inning stretch at McCoy, they played the damn thing on their beloved scoreboard. The park was quiet and frozen. All the players turned their heads to watch. It's one of those unforgettable moments, like when Trevor Hoffman tied the all-time saves record.
2. Daniel Nava also hit a double, which might have scored Romero in the first had Romero not been caught stealing.
3. I STILL want to call Stefan Gartrell 'Gordon'. I feel for him. I really do.
4. I'll bet Doubront's nickname is 'Douby'. Isn't that funny? Everyone knows minor league baseball players never touch marijuana!
5. Someone spelled Doubront's name wrong here.
6. Luis Rodriguez and Tyler Flowers got the Knights only hits.

I guess that's all. Tonight it is Adam Mills and one of the Hudsons. Knowing me, knowing you, it's the best I can do.

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