Today we feast, tomorrow we kill!

The PawsOx... PawsOx! The mascot should be an ox!

Okay, they're back and their pre-opening day luncheon was pretty routine. Except it wasn't at the country club, which I didn't care for, but at a Providence hotel. The food was much better, I got the hook-up, and there was a disgusting amount of petit fours. I just don't understand why I can't get coffee immediately upon sitting. ALL COFFEE, ALL THE TIME. Don't these people know who I am?

Dick Berardino was the guest speaker. The new radio guy's got quite a fortaleza of a coif. What else? Aaron Cook looks like a... I don't know how to put it nicely, except I may refer to him as Aryan Cook. He looks like the Confederate flag type, is what I am trying to say. What I mean by that is he is racist. Probably. And he parks in the handicapped spot at the liquor store. Because he has a drinking problem. Also, he's a necrophiliac. He told me this right before punching me in the face for speaking out of turn.

Nothing really to report. It's not like Ozzie Guillen was there or anything.

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