5.10.09 Pawtucket @ Columbus - is it just a waste of time?

Pawtucket loses? Who pitched this thing? Final score 4-1 and Charlie T. Zink is the loser.

Daisuke Matsuzaka was the starter yesterday, and once again Zink came in for long relief. That is a serious bummer for Zink and it is clear no one cares about him at this point.

I'm skipping over Daisuke because I'm sure everybody, everywhere's all over it. Zink, in his 2 1/3 innings of work, managed to walk five batters without hitting any of them. 67 pitches and only 29 strikes. Fatass Wes Hodges also popped a two-run homer off Zink in the seventh and it's all just too depressing.

Inning 5, Columbus: Zink immediately walks shortstop Andy Cannizaro (two n's, one z, one r) to lead off the inning. And then Michael Brantley. Uh-oh... sexxy pitching coach Rich Sauveur comes out for a chat, which doesn't seem to help because Zink walks the next guy, Trevor Crowe.

Now the bases are loaded. No outs. All of the runners have been walked. Wes Hodges, who is probably not at all fat, sac flies Cannizaro home. AND THEN ZINK WALKS MIKE AUBREY!!! Oh my god.

The next run comes in thanks to a Tony Graffanino sac fly. And have mercy, Jordan Brown steps up and grounds out to end the inning.

The sixth inning went more smoothly for Zink, who only gave up a harmless single. However, in the seventh, Zink gave up yet another walk to outfielder Trevor Crowe and the next batter, Wes Hodges (damn) homered.

Whatever. If I were Charlie Zink's parents/wife/best friend/Luis Tiant, I would be soooo pissed off. Zink got the mother of all raw deals here... asking to leave and being told, no, dude, stay, we've got BIG PLANS for you!! Which are what, exactly? Slop innings after Japanese superstars? ZInk has not been pitching well thus far... he is seriously all over the place, and not in a good knuckleball way.

They should just set him free. It's aggravating my keen sense of justice. CHARLIE ZINK'S FAMILY, IF YOU ARE READING THIS, TELL HIM TO GET THE HELL OUT!!! NOW!

The Cleveland Indians?
1. Designated hitter Wes Hodges had three out of four RBI for the Clippers. He's not fat.
2. Nice pitching, Columbus starter Zach Jackson.
3. Pawtucket's only run came out of the big, big hands of Van every, who hit a solo home run in the first. Van Every batted second in the order.
4. Sandy Madera has not yet had a hit. This cannot stand.

Tonight! BMOC M Bowden starts for Pawtucket. So enjoy that.

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