Kris Johnson thinks he's gangsta.

I attended the game last night, but I left early because I was cold and bored and hungry. I wasn't happy to see Charlie Zink pitching, since I've seen him before like infinity. And sure enough, he was all over the place.

The best part was the kid pitching for the Gwinnett Braves. When you see a homely, six-and-a-half foot, 22-year-old righty pitching for AAA you know it's gonna be trouble. And sure enough, Pawtucket got blanked by talented Okie Tommy Hanson (6 IP) and former mysterious Twins reliever Mariano Gomez (3 IP). He's the only other Honduran baseball player I can think of... although, wasn't there one other guy in the Blue Jays org? I'll have to look it up.

On a final note, Jeff Corsaletti dropped the ball twice on one play out in left field. When you have guys like Josh Reddick and Aaron Bates and Reid Engel and, to a lesser extent, Bubba Bell down in Portland... well, let's just say I don't see Corsaletti in town by the end of the year. Not just because of that one play.... anyone can have a bad night. But it just made me realize how useless he is.

See you tonight.

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