I hate you. No offense!

So everyone's been talking about how Pawtucket's got good pitching, but no offense. It's true. McAnulty and Ambres can hit a little bit, Carter should be good when he's around, and that's about it.

As far as some of the new people go, I like Angel Chavez a lot. I like Zach Daeges on g.p. Lord knows I can't get enough Maldonado.

Jeff Bailey looks like crap in Boston. I hope he's prepared for Pure Boston Hatred coming over the airwaves like a bad Bruce Hornsby song. "THEY GOT THIS GUY, BAILEY... WHO THE HELL IS THIS GUY? IS THIS THE BEST THE RED SOX CAN DO? WHAT'S HE DOING IN THE LINEUP?!"

Former Pawtucket animal Javier Lopez is 'Public Enemy #1' right now. My advice to him is to start drinking heavily.

My predictions as to who will be gone by summer's end:

Sandy! NOOOO!

and maybe Danielson or Iggy Suarez.

Clearly, I've stayed up way too late. goodnight

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