5.15.09 PAW @ TOL - I'm getting kind of tired of holding this!

Pawtucket LOSES again 6-0. They have not scored a run in THREE games! That's CRAZY!

Daisuke Matsuzaka is still rehabbing, it seems. Matsuzaka threw 70 pitches through five innings, which isn't too bad. He gave up two runs and had nine strikeouts. Strikeouts aren't as good as groundouts but they're definitely more glamorous!

But in case you care, DM got 5 batters to ground out.

On another kind of day, you might want to be very angry with Chris George. George gave up six runs in 2 2/3 innings, but it makes no difference when your team's not scoring runs.

No one batting in the 5-9 holes got a single hit. Van E had a couple of hits, one of them a double. Ambres and Carter got hits because they are sluggers. Danielson had a hit because he's been doing that a lot lately. Which is good... he is leading off, after all.

Ruddy Lugo must be Cy freaking Young. Lugo pitched seven three-hit innings. Wooo! Randy Fien... no, his name is Casey. Casey Fien pitched the final two innings of scoreless goodness. Mmmmm... creamy.

1. HESSMANIA! Mike Hessman hit a home run. Good to have you back, son.
2. Frazier tripled off Matsuzaka in the first inning. Triples are like the most exciting thing.
3. In spite of six runs scoring, this game was merely 2 hrs 13 min long.

And that's it for the Toledo Mud Hens v. PawSox this season. Damn.

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