5.2.09 Pawtucket Red Sox v Gwinnett Braves

Pawtucket WINS! 8-5

Pawtucket scored seven runs in the third inning off Jerome Gamble. The thing is... the Gamble gave up eight runs before getting the hook in the third. But ONLY ONE RUN WAS EARNED! PLASTIC PEARLS!!

Here's what happened in that crazy third inning... first, the easy part. Iggy Suarez, who is still hanging out in Rhode Island, is up first and grounds out. Mark Kotsay, rehab queen, pops out for the second out. Three years ago, if Mark Kotsay had been rehabbing in Pawtucket, I would have lost my fucking mind. I mean, remember when the Oakland A's were exciting? But here and now in 2009, it's not that interesting.

and then:
1. Sean Danielson reaches on a fielding error by SS Diorys Hernandez. Van Every getting work in Boston is win/win, since it's nice to see Danielson out there. And not JV.
2. Paulie Mac is at bat and Danielson steals second.
3. McAnulty walks. Carter up next. Carter has already homered in a previous inning. I didn't see it, but I'll bet it was intense.
4. Carter singles, Danielson hauls ass home from second and McAnulty is left standing at third.
5. Jeff Natale walks, somehow without being hit by a pitch. And now the bases are loaded.
6. Gil Velazquez jumps in and hits a two-run single to center. Velazquez doesn't need you or anyone... the feeling is glorious.
7. Carlos Maldonado is the next batter. Escuche: Maldonado needs to play more. MUCH MORE. I love Dusty Brown and everything but his general competence puts me to sleep. Brown does a good job and I have nothing to complain about. Do you know how difficult that is? I'm not happy without petty insults to toss around. Besides, Carlos Maldonado is so interesting-looking. Like a titanic toddler.
8. So, yeah, anyway, Maldonado helpfully hits a three-run homer. And I wasn't there to see it.
9. Next guy is Travis Denker and he walks. Denker is still wondering how the hell he wound up in Pawtucket without any toiletries.
10. Jerome Gamble finally gets taken out and replaced by Vladimir Nunez. YES.

And we've gone through the entire Red Sox lineup. So, afresh:
1. Iggy Suarez singles. Denker heads over to second base.
2. Mark Kotsay hits an RBI single to right.
3. Switch-hitting Sean Danielson draws a walk. Bases loaded!
4. Finally, slugger Paul McAnulty comes up again and grounds out.

By the way, Enrique Gonzalez started for Pawtucket and gave up eleven hits/four runs in six innings. Relievers were Fernando Cabrera and Daniel Bard. Cabrera currently has a lower ERA than Wonder Boy. Not only that, but Bard has never inspired a lady to sing an ABBA song.

Gil Velazquez made his fifth error of the year. It is really unlike him, don't you think? Five errors in nine games when he made 11 all told last year. Velazquez was kind of pissed off last year, too, when they stuck him in left and at first a few times.

For the Braves, Barbaro Canizares is still Power Man. He hit a home run off Gonzalez.

See you tomorrow at SWD!

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