5.19.09 Buffalo is shaking off the cold.

Buffalo defeats Pawtucket, 9-2.

Pawtucket starter Enrique Gonzalez has, up until last night, been fairly solid. It's okay. Five of the nine Buffalo runs were his (un)doing. Super duper Mets prospect Fernando Martinez hit a solo home run.

I was going to go to the park last night, but it didn't work out and that's okay. I watched the Mets on tv last night and I noticed some of the guys I'd just seen in Pawtucket were over there in LA. Like Ramon Martinez. Funny how that works.

Red Sox third baseman Angel Chavez was responsible for both RBI. Perhaps he is heating up? I didn't think Chavez was in a slump. I just thought he couldn't hit. Chavez also made an error in the seventh inning. Hey, can we talk about inning seven, guys?

THE SEVENTH INNING! Robinson Cancel is the first batter in the seventh and he singles off Gonzalez. Mike Lamb then singles. The next batter is International Guitar Sensation Jose Feliciano! And Feli hits an RBI double, scoring Cancel. FELIZ NAVIDAD, MOTHERFUCKER!!!

Enrique Gonzalez is yanked, Chris George takes over. George gets Johnny Malo to ground out... and then intentionally walks Argenis Reyes.

Cory Sullivan is the next batter and I think he bunts or something. At any rate, Travis Denker makes an error and two runs score. I wish I could have seen this. Fernando Martinez bats next and there's a PASSED BALL!! HOLY SMOKES!! ARGENIS REYES COMES HOME TO SCORE!! Anticlimactically, Martinez walks.

Chris George gets the hook. Rocky Cherry comes out of the bullpen. Willy Mo Pena hits a grounder over toward third base, which probably should have been the second out, but I guess Angel Chavez makes the error and Pena reaches and Sullivan crosses the plate.

Remember Javier Valentin? What happened to his catching career? And is he really only 33? Anyway, Valentin bats next and hits an RBI single, scoring F. Martinez. Fortunately, Cancel comes up again and grounds out and Mike Lamb flies out. But, hey, six runs is more than anyone needs to beat Pawtucket. Sometimes it only takes two runs.

sad movies always make me cry:
1. Former PawSox head K. Youkilis was in town for some rehab action... he'll be there today and so will I.
2. Van Every also made an error. It probably killed him. If I were a jerk, I might call him "Jonathan Van Error" but he's a good fielder out there.

Buchholz today. Meatloaf tomorrow. I'm too bored to breathe.

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