7.19.09 - Pawtucket's Minor Miracle

Pawtucket finally WINS! 3-2

Michael Bowden should be duly proud of his start. Bowden pitched five hitless innings. 73 pitches and that was his night.

New (ish) reliever TJ Large had another scoreless, hitless inning... Javier Lopez kept it going into the ninth. Fernando Cabrera came in for the last two outs and gave up a single to Larry Broadway, spoiling the no-hitter.

Things got worse when Tagg Bozied followed that up with a home run, but no more runs after that and who really cares? Pawtucket finally won.

I saw Cabrera blow a hold the other night (no, that is not code) and he was very angry about it. He seems so mild-mannered!

I think I should take Sundays off from now on. I also think maybe I don't need to physically be at the park anymore.

What do you think?

she is getting fat! her belly's got a lump in it!
1. Many media kids have been saying that TJ Large is making his Pawtucket debut this year. WRONG. Have I mentioned this already? I think I have. I have to admit, I like it when I'm right and the newspaper is wrong.
2. Catcher Mark Wagner had a fine, fine afternoon with his two RBI.
3. Ivan Ochoa was hit by pitches twice.
4. Ten thousand people at the park? DUDE.

I should have written about Saturday's game but it feels like old news at this point.

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