Travis Denker Essential Tracks

I came across this quote on the internet: "The Giants were disappointed in the performance of Travis Denker, he was clearly overmatched during his time in San Francisco and didn't endear himself to the organization or to his teammates with his attitude." This was according to Giants news blogger Andrew Baggarly.

Many fans were mystified when the Giants put Denker on waivers in the 2008 off-season. His stats and potential were not bad... what the hell was the deal? Was Denker that much of a pain in the ass? The Padres wound up picking him up.

"Being in 30-degree weather every day doesn't help," Denker said, referring to his Connecticut stint. "I really didn't feel like hitting when I was there." Bold statement, but cut-worthy?

"we will make a copy of the list in case something happens to the first list"
1. TRAVIS DENKER IS NOT FAT! He also does not work out with C. Carter.
2. The Red Sox picked up Denker this past April after the Padres DFA'd him.
3. Denker began his baseball life as a Dodgers baby.
4. But the Giants got him in a 2007 trade for Mark Sweeney.
5. In 2005, Denker was the Sally League's all-star second baseman.
6. Just read this. It's pretty thorough.
7. Travis Denker ripped it up during the single-A San Jose Giants post-season.
8. Denker made national television with a triple play he participated in while on the triple-A Fresno Grizzlies.
9. Ron Johnson is more than happy to tell Denker he sucks.
10. Tangential, but also really funny: "Travis Denker is a quality second baseman for a Red Sox minor league affiliate right now, but we're told he has a bright future."
11. Denker has seen major league playing time with the Giants.
12. Denker is not as much a utility infielder as he is a guy that can play second base.
13. Denker was once part of a skateboarding tour with sponsors and everything.

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