dustpan and brush

With Mark Wagner in town and Dusty Brown back from Boston, is this pretty much the end of Carlos Maldonado? Probably, and the park will be that much emptier. Maldonado's currently on the DL with a suspended hamchilles tenement.

Devern Hansack and Ivan Ochoa are still... down in Florida? Zach Daeges is down there somewhere, too.

Sean Danielson's on the DL. Jed Lowrie's still rehabbing.

Jeff Bailey's back in Boston. Read about it here and see if you can't hear Bailey's mellow, matter-of-fact voice.

Sandy Madera's gone and he's never coming back. He's playing third base for the Newark Bears in the independent Atlantic League. It's okay that he's playing third... they have Keith Foulke starting so it's like Backwards-Town.

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