Jose Reyes will be in Pawtucket tomorrow. In a weird way, I wish I had worse seats than I do, because I'd prefer to move further outfield and closer to section 3.

My life is so hard.

Speaking of different seats, when I was at the fireworks game, I sat with some cronies of mine in a foreign section. And a foul ball landed right near me. It wedged into the empty seat next to me and I plucked it and held it for a second.

The tot behind me had been frightened by the zooming ball and was crying. I did not want to give the kid the ball. I have never, ever gotten a foul ball. It felt great in my hand. I wanted to lick it and smoke it.

I gave the ball to the kid, though, because I'm angelic and I give blood and all of that. The kid didn't care at all, but his parents thanked me and were awfully sweet.

I hung out for a while after the game. I saw the Yankees' Jonathan Albaladejo and he looks weird and slightly doughy. And Aaron Bates appeared like an angel...

JOSE REYES!!!! I will see you at McCoy Stadium.

HOLD ON!!!! It's Argenis Reyes. I was lied to! Mistreated! What a low-down dirty trick, Pawtucket. Thanks for ruining my Wednesday.


Jere said...

they ... cannot....touch.....her. That's right before the guy with the inside out Columbia shirt comes out the door.

Jenks said...

Oh, geez, Argenis Reyes/Jose Reyes. same thing, right?

Eff you, Pawtucket.

I never noticed inside out shirt guy.

Jere said...

Yeah, I used to think it was a Columbia University shirt, which would make sense that it was an extra from NYC in NYC. Then I realized the movie was a Columbia Picture, so it was probably some crew guy and they told him to turn the shirt inside out so it would look like a plain tee.