Pawtucket @ Rochester (game 2)

Rochester wins el segundo, 6-1.

Charlie Zink continues to struggle. Zink got his first two batters of the game out, but then the same old shit started going down. Jose Morales singles, Zink hits Huber with a pitch, wild pitch, etc. No one scored, though, in the first inning.

Zink's second inning was catastrophic. David Winfree led things off with a single, then Zink walked Dustin Martin (who?). Zink got Macri to line out, but then Brock Peterson hit an RBI single to give the Red Wings the lead.

Zink got the second out when Tommy Watkins popped up to Natale, but then single single walk single and suddenly Rochester is up 5-0 and Hunter Jones has to come in and take over. Jones got the next batter out.

Pawtucket got its only run in the third inning, thanks to an Angel Chavez RBI double. The bases were loaded for Carter in the third, but he grounded out. It's okay... you can't just rely on one person for the clutch offense.

Rochester starter Armando Gabino pitched four innings, giving up three hits and two walks and striking out four. The win went to righty reliever Juan Morillo.

orts n sorts:
1. Marcus McBeth pitched very well in the last couple of innings, not allowing any hits or walks.
2. Bubba Bell made a throwing error.

The Pawtucket Red Sox are god-awful right now. I don't even know what to say.

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