Red Sox @ Red Wings (game 1)

5-0 Red Wings!

Your snazzily dressed Red Wings starter was righty Jeff Manship! Manship kept the Pawtucket kids down through six innings, walking three but keeping them to one hit. Rob Delaney, whose roster photo you really should see, kept the wolves at bay in the seventh inning for the shut-out.

Kris Johnson gave up all the runs and the hits and everything. TJ Large got the final two outs, but I suppose it was just busywork. Johnson did manage to pick off Matt Macri, so he's got that to console him as he tries to go to bed early.

two things:
1. Designated hitter Justin Huber hit a home run.
2. Rochester only had a 1-0 lead until the sixth inning. That's when Johnson blew it all over the place. He was probably starting to feel pretty good about himself, too. Maybe he was dogging the offense in his mind. Tis a fickle wind that blows through Frontier Field.
3. Only Bates and Bell got hits. Two little wimpy singles. Pawtucket is hopeless at this point.

Tomorrow! Game's at eleven a.m. or something. Good thing baseball players like to hunker down in their hotel rooms and fall asleep before midnight!

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Anonymous said...

Dorothy Manship is a saint!