7.30.09 Pawtucket Red Sox@ Buffalo Bisons (NYM)

It's too bad the Buffalo Bisons are such an old team. If they became the Buffalo Mets, they would get so paid. 4-1 Buffalo.

Michael Bowden. Lance Broadway. Both starters pitched well. Both guys went seven innings. Broadway got an extra out, going 7 1/3. Eighty pitches, one run and 6 K's for Bowden. 106 pitches, one run, four K's for Broadway. But what's his stance on abortion?

Hunter Jones finished the game off and gave up three runs to Buffalo, but let's face it: Even if Jones had not allowed ANY runs top score, the game would have been tied 1-1 and may have stayed that way until the twelfth inning. And then Lopez or someone would have walked too many guys and Travis Denker or someone would have made an error and Buffalo would have won anyway.

Anyway, Buffalo left fielder Nick Evans hit a three-run homer off Hunter Jones, so I'd say he had a pretty good night.

Chris Carter got the sole RBI for Pawtucket.

it never ends:
1. Does it?

Tomorrow! More Buffalo! Billy Traber v Kyle? Stoner. Tobi Stoner, sorry. Are they gonna have a season ticket holder cookout or not this year?

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