7.24.09 Pawtucket @ Rochester (MIN)

I knew it would be Enrique Gonzalez. I knew it. Pawtucket wins 5-3 in twelve innings, reliever Rocky Cherry gets the win.

Enrique Gonzalez started for Pawtucket and pitched into the eighth inning. Gonzalez only gave up two runs, which is commendable. Except if you're pitching for Pawtucket... two runs is often too much by half.

Rochester scored first in the bottom of the third. After a pair of walks, shortstop Trevor Plouffe hit an RBI single. Pawtucket started stressing out over this insurmountable 1-0 lead, but the fifth inning proved to be fortuitous for the Sox.

With Paul McAnulty on first thanks to a walk, Gil Velazquez hit a home run. Yes, I'll hold. 2-1 Pawtucket? And in the sixth inning Pawtucket scored another run when Aaron Bates sac flied to score Ochoa? A two run lead, you say? And then what happened?

Bottom of the eighth, one out. Pawtucket leads 3-1. Catcher Jose Morales pinch hits for Butera, a move that bears fruit when Morales singles. Javier Lopez replaces Gonzalez and gives up a two-run homer to pinch hitter Matt Macri. AAAAARRRRGHHHH. Lopez, WHY??! And then, even though Lopez gets another out, he goes ahead and gives up a double to Steven Tolleson. STEVEN TOLLESON, ARE YOU KIDDING ME? That kid wears footy pajamas to bed after he calls his grandma to tell her he loves her!

AND THEN PAWTUCKET TOTALLY TOOK OUT JAVIER LOPEZ!!! INCONCEIVABLE! This is the kind of move that says, hey! Maybe we want to actually win a game! I'm pretty sure winning ballgames is not a PawSox objective, right? I thought it was a series of innings and pitch counts and getting guys some work? This is crazy!

Fernando Cabrera, The Closer. Cabrera IBB's Huber, whose been crushing and crocheting Pawtucket the whole damn series. And then Danny Valencia flies out to center to end the heartbreaking eighth inning. TIE GAME.

In the subsequent innings, there's a lot of defensive subs and pinch running and all of that mess. In the ninth, Guzman singles and steals second, but Jeff Natale leaves him hanging when he strikes out to end the inning. In the tenth, Paul McAnulty flies out with runners on first and second.

The eleventh inning, oh my god. I'm so glad I wasn't at this game, I would have had red, red fists. Denker leads off with a double, which is great, I'm all for it. Then Velazquez the home run queen comes up and is all trying to bunt. He fails at it, shamefully, striking out on a foul bunt which is one of the worst ways you can make an out. Freddy Guzman flies out. The Jeff Natale does something productive: He singles! Good news, right? WRONG. Travis Denker, because he is so fleet-footed, comes around third and heads for home.

Travis Denker is out at home plate, gunned down by Tommy Watkins. RJ, did you wave him in? I guess in a way I can't blame you. Pawtucket doesn't score and we move to the twelfth.

Juan Morillo (who?) is pitching for Rochester. Ochoa walks, Wagner doubles, Bates walks. Bases loaded for new reliever Jason Jones. McAnulty grounds into a force out, but Ochoa scores!

Bubba Bell comes in to pinch run for McAnulty. Travis Denker hits an RBI single, scoring Wagner. 5-2 Pawtucket.

Have I gone on long enough? Don't bury me 'cause I'm not dead yet. Cherry is replaced by Vaquedano, who is maybe starting to believe his own press. With two outs, that BRAT Justin Huber singles. Vaquedano then walks the next two batters. Red Wings fans are probably out of their minds. Bases loaded, Dustin Martin at the plate. Martin strikes out! Game over! Pawtucket Finally Wins!!!

Even though they shouldn't have. What a fucking mess this game was. I think Rochester was stunned by their ineptitude and thereby mentally impaired.

when it all comes down i can show you something you will not believe:
1. Jeff Natale batted leadoff. Ochoa batted second. Guzman batted ninth. This is what happens when you've lost 10 games in a row.
2. I didn't even mention the Rochester starting pitcher. Dude, I have things to do!
3. McAnulty and Carter did not have any hits.
4. Paul McAnulty actually tried to steal a base. He didn't quite make it.
5. Ron Johnson said "What a game." I admire his restraint.
6. Enrique Gonzalez is leading the team in innings pitched. He is durable. And lovable.

Pawtucket's back home tonight. The Clippers are here, too, and they're the Indians minor league team. They're so cute, you really should meet them. Especially Jordan Brown.

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