Day Game: Pawtucket Red Sox v Columbus Clippers

Kris Johnson finally did something right. Pawtucket hitters continue to stand helplessly at the plate with useless tree-hewn cudgels atop their feeble shoulders. 4-3 Columbus.

Maybe it's Javier Lopez' fault. Pawtucket was ahead 2-1 until Lopez gave up three runs in the seventh. Plus he made a stupid throwing error.

Maybe it's Vaquedano's fault. Vaquedano gave up a solo home run to Jordan Brown after he took over for Kris Johnson.

It could be Aaron Bates' fault. Bates struck out with the bases loaded in the fifth for the final out.

I like to think it's Bubba '0-4' Bell's fault. Just because.

but here's list because i'm lazy:
1. Center fielder Trevor Crowe hit that two-run double off Lopez in the seventh, so he is your Columbus hero. And then! And then! Javier Lopez thinks he's Derek Lowe or something and tries to pick off Crowe at second! HEL-LO!!!??? The ball goes out to center field and Crowe scores.
2. I heard the Clippers' new ballpark is Rick Diculous. And so I should go there next year? Love to! Who's paying?
3. In the fifth inning, when Clippers starter Zach Jackson walked Chris Carter to laod the bases, pitching coach Scott Radinsky and mgr Torey Lovullo got ejected for arguing the strike zone.
4. Freddy Guzman tripled. And I missed it! I love triples. But I hate triplets! I also hate throwing up in public.
5. Remember Mike Tejera from last year? No? Lefty, Cuban refugee, started AND came out of the pen? Had a bad mustache for a while? Okay, I know you don't remember him but he's on the Clippers now. So he must be glad.

Tomorrow! Buffalo! The Conehead! That pizza place on Chippewa! Canadian Border Patrol! And, ta-da, Junichi Tazawa will face whatever guy on the Mets minor league team fits the glove. Oh, look at that, it's Nelson Figueroa. AGAIN.

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Barga said...

The new park is ridiculous, but amazing

that said, you linked to my site (thanks), just wondering how you found me.