why can't i always have my way? why doesn't everybody like me?

My brother's taking an August vacation with his wife and daughter. He is spending a week in Pittsburgh.

Who takes a vacation in Pittsburgh? And why am I so jealous?

I mention this because macho shithead Van Every's a Pirate now. And because longtime IL guy Garrett Jones has found a happy home in Pittsburgh. Too bad he's too fat to play center field.

Charlie Zink won his game yesterday. Aside from Zink, here's who's left from the PawSox 2008 team that set records and made the playoffs:

Gil Velazquez
Chris Carter
Dusty Brown
Hunter Jones

I suppose I could add Jeff Bailey and Devern Hansack, but they're on the DL. It creeps me out when players are on the DL for too long. It's like they cease to exist. There are no updates. Are they building up their strength, soft-tossing and stretching and lifting or are they smoking blunts while watching Animal Planet?

Probably both. Probably both.

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