Triple-A All-Star Game

The ballpark in Portland where the AAA All-Star game was held creeped me out quite a bit.

The way the park was set up with the high walls made the field look like it was in a deep, dark pit. And it's a park built in the 20's but it has artificial turf?

I'm going to have bad dreams about that park, but I would still like to go see it.

Good work, International League and especially Eric Kratz.


Anonymous said...

I've been to the Portland park, but not seen a game. It was 'rehabed' awhile back to allow for soccer, I think.

At any rate from the outside, it still has a very 1920's look, but I suspect they increased capacity by lowering the field and adding seats that way.

Jenks said...

Its prohibitive distance is the only thing keeping me from that park. That, and the reluctance to relive a bad acid trip.

Too bad it's got such a generic, corporate name.