I am probably going to change the name of the blog again. "The Original PawSox Blog" sounds too much like I am taking a shot at other Pawtucket bloggers and that does not sit well with me. They're doing it better than I ever could.

But I totally love my blog and I am very proud of it, in spite of its imperfection.

If you have a good suggestion, lay it on me. If you have a stupid suggestion, don't clog up my e-mail.

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Vanessa said...

I have a bunch of suggestions.

Group 1: extensive,copious, exhaustive, sweeping, replete

Group 2: out-and-out, all-embracing, all-inclusive

Group 3: atypical, uncommon, anomalous, divergent

Group 4: prodigious, consummate

I really like the word 'consummate' but it sort would put you in the same situation as using 'original' did.

Hope these help, maybe you'll pick one or maybe they will trigger another adjective out of your brain.