4.13.10 Pawtucket Red Sox v Lehigh Valley Iron Pigs - They wanted it more.

Red Sox lose, 12-0. WHAT.

Nine runs for Bonser, three for Ramon A. Ramirez. Joe Nelson, Chad Paronto, and Robert Manuel handled the last six innings in sweet scoreless fashion, since the kickoff guys ruined Christmas.

Brian Mazone got the win for the Iron Pigs.

Aaron Bates and Bubba Bell each had a pair of hits, but no one on the team could muster more than a single.

because the Iron Pigs are such an awesome team:
1. LV third baseman Cody Ransom subbed for Alex Rodriguez last year, you may recall. Ransom hit a two-run homer during the run-stuffed second inning.
2. Picture it: July 9th, 2009. The Iron Pigs were playing Pawtucket and WON THE GAME BY THE EXACT SAME SCORE OF 12-0. Looks like this game tied the Iron Pigs team record for runs scored!

Today! Road trip to Buffalo for the Bisons' home opener. Game starts at 3. RA Dickey v Adam Mills.

See you later.

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