4.8.10 Pawtucket Red Sox v Rochester Red Wings - I don't think I am ready for this.

Red Sox WIN! 11-3

I didn't 'work' this game, as it turned into a social event. Fine by me. It was great to see everybody! PARTY IN SECTION 2!!! So my impressions of the game are not crystal clear.

Boof 'Bronson', as my sainted mother refers to him, got the start for the Red Sox. Bonser pitched 4 1/3 innings, which is EXACTLY what I predicted. And you can even look it up. Johnny B gave up three runs on six hits and two walks. And you can credit him with four K's. (PS: I also accurately predicted Bonser's runs and walks.)

Opposing pitcher and lover of 'yak Anthony Swarzak took the loss.

Tug Hulett and Darnell McDonald were excited about opening day and were offensively notable. That is, they were both triples shy of the cycle. Hitting a triple is as difficult to acheive as getting Yahtzee!

Everybody had something to say about opening day. I am going to keep my remarks brief.

brief remarks:
1. McCoy PA guy Jim Martin referred to Fabio Castro as 'Castro Fabio' during the player introductions. Geronimo Gil and D'Angelo Jiminez understand this sort of thing.
2. Having Darnell McDonald in Pawtucket is a dream come true for me. It must have been strange for him to play against his old team. He is my favorite.
3. Former Twins baldy Jacque Jones hot a solo home run. I got pretty close to JJ one spring training. Not the way you're thinking. What I mean is, I jumped on top of him at a gas station.
4. Swarzak had a tough time last year. He's looking forward to working with his new manager.
5. OH HELL YES: Another Rochester Red Wings blog! Rochester has the best coverage in the IL. I wish the other teams would pick it up.
6. More good stuff from Wings Things: "I pointed out yesterday that an amazing 19 of 24 players on the Wings Opening Day roster were originally drafted and signed by Minnesota. To take that point a step further, of the 13 players who saw action for the Wings last night, all but Jacque Jones have spent their ENTIRE CAREER in the Twins system. That just doesn't happen in Triple-A in this era."
7. Superstar (that I am already tired of hearing about) Josh Reddick did not get a hit.
8. Good work, Gabe Paley!
9. Human burrito Chad Paronto pitched two scoreless innings. Righty Joe Nelson got the in relief.
10. The PawSox official website is fucking garbage.

I was going to go to the game today, but it seems cold and I hate going on crowded weekends. Especially when there's a megastar in town.

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