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Although Jeff Bailey had a monster spring, they still gave him the business and sent him to triple-A Reno. WHAT.

I used to live in Reno, but I don't think they had a baseball team back then. And now I really want to go, even though all my friends are gone at this point. Come on. This was when 'Valotte' was a smash hit. AS IT SHOULD HAVE BEEN.

Also, former PawSox jerk Jeff Corsaletti has been released by the Pirates. Not because he's a douchebag, but because he can't do anything right. Except walk... he did get his fair share of those.

Later, JC! Escribeme pronto!

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Pinkhat Bluehat said...

Just found your blog and taking some time to read it... I'm trying to learn everything I can about the Red Sox (and the PawSox). I'm thinking this will help me in my mission to watch or listen to every Red Sox game in the 2010 season and keep a blog of my progress.