Particle Men

I'm not talking about pitchers, here. Not now. Not yet. Maybe never.

I took a look at batters who played in at least 50 games over the years in Pawtucket. I'll start with 2006, for no real good reason. I wanted to see the number of guys who were just roster stuffing v guys who came up through the system. Not just draftees... guys who started at double A and below, too.

2006 hitters: 14 (Hee-Seop Choi! Tyler Minges! Willie Harris!)
Franchise kidz: Two. Pedroia and David Murphy.

2007 hitters: 12. This was the year that Bobby Scales was here, being remarkable.
Franchise kidz: Four. Ellsbury, D. Murphy, Brandon Moss, and Chad Spann.

2008 hitters: Only ten guys played in more than 50 games. This may have been the year Ron Johnson hard a hard time remembering everybody. It was also the Year That Keith Ginter Was Here.
Franchise kidz: Three. Dusty Brown, Jed Lowrie, and Spann. Jeff Corsaletti, Brandon Moss, and Jeff Natale all played in a good amount of games, though.

2009 hitters: 13! Freddie Guzman! I loved him!
Franchise kidz: Four. Aaron Bates, Dusty Brown, Bubba Bell, Natale.

And now, here comes 2010! Currently there are EIGHT organizational soldiers playing misc positions and DH'ing and first base coaching and whatever. (They must have to do scut work like pitchers do, right?)

Dusty Brown, Mark Wagner, Aaron Bates, Jorge Jimenez, Ryan Khoury, Bubba Bell, Daniel nava, and Matt Sheely. And Josh Reddick could maybe be nine.

I don't have a point to any of this. Well, except I don't have to do too much research on these guys because I know them already. Where are the Travis Denkers, the Sean Danielsons, the Alex Prietos? Those types of guys are my favorite. WHERE IS THE MYSTERY?

I'll be back later.

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