Fabio Castro and Ivan Ochoa are pretty much the same guy.

This thing happened at lunch today which was exciting: Alan Embree sat at our table for a few minutes. (photo credit: Vanessa) I should have said something, but instead I just laughed a lot. He was all, "Hi, I'm Alan" in that irritating way that wicked famous people use a lot. (Hi, nice to meet you! I'm Liza.) ("How you doin'? I'm Keifer.") Embree was very nice, though.

Steve Hyder, who is the King of Pawtucket as far as I am concerned, introduced the players. When he called out lefty Fabio Castro's name, Castro stood on his chair. Because he is little! He's a pocket reliever! Castro has stolen my heart right out of the gate.

In a related story, Josh Reddick looked like a complete tool. He is really trying too hard. What an athlete!

Tommy Harper was a great guest, so that was good. And the drug is going non-prescription, which is good.


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Jenks said...

The dinners rolls tucked into the napkin sort of resemble a couple of baseballs in a mitt. Nice touch, Vee.